Our Committees

The Education Committee assists the Board of Directors in continuing and developing educational activities that address the goals of the Action Council.
Nadine Livingston, Chairperson 

The Finance Committee assists the Board of directors in preparing an annual budget, and offers advice on capital development.
Herbert Walker, Chairperson 

The Hospitality Committee assists the Board of Directors in the planning and implementation of events that have been approved by the Action Council, and that are consistent with the organization’s mission and goals.
Mark Bellamy, Chairperson

Long Range Planning
The Long Range Planning Committee assists the Board of Directors in identifying the goals of the Action Council, as well as the appropriate means to achieve those goals.  The committee is also charged with the responsibility of insuring that those goals and any subsequent implementation are consistent with the Action Council’s overall mission.  
Ernest Shaw, Chairperson 

The Membership Committee assists the Board of directors in increasing and retaining membership in the Action Council.
Tracy Richardson, Co-chairperson

The Nominations Committee provides a slate of nominees at the annual meeting for filling vacancies on the Board of Directors. In the event that one or more positions as Board Officers become available, the Committee will provide a slate of nominees at the second Board meeting after the annual meeting.
George Greene, Chairperson

Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee assists the Board of Directors in insuring that the Council’s overall reputation among the general public is positive, and accurately reflects the mission and goals of the organization.
Steven Gaither, Chairperson


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